Aldi Friendly Farms Milk Hormone FREE!!!

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Aldi milk

So I haven’t been an Aldi shopper, but I finally gave it a try today.  I was happy with what I found.  More on that later.  This was the best part.  I discovered the milk is hormone free!

So there we have it.  The answer to the mystery.

Check out the current Aldi weekly ad and create your shopping list.


  1. Cheri says

    I told you Aldi was great! Good to know about the milk – I’m glad they finally switched to the hormone-free.

  2. Give Me Neither says

    That’s why I went:) I was impressed and I’m excited that the milk is hormone-free. That’s a must for me.

  3. Jonna says

    The next time I go to Aldi, I am going to write down the price of all the basic stuff so I have something to compare sale and coupon prices too. Other than the parmesan cheese, we have liked everything from there. I have a friend who says to steer clear of the cooking spray, but I don’t think I’ve heard many other negatives.

  4. Elda says

    I opened a can of sweetened condensed milk last night and discovered a big brown and green hairy blob growing on top. I emailed ALDI from their website to complain and received an email this morning stating that the store I bought it from was not one of their own and in that they would not back up their ” double satisfaction guarantee.” I really could care less about getting my dollar was the fact the can was CONTAMINATED…I told them I would never buy one of their products again.

  5. maureen Graham says

    I am a alsdis shopper and 85% of the time I am completly satisified. i love their prices.
    My question is, Is their hormone free and if so why does it not state it on the label. I am in St cloud Minnestoa.

    • Sarah Weeda says

      The display at my store had it on a sign in front for the milk. It may vary by Aldi location so you’d have to check with your local Aldi’s.