Avocado Salsa Dip with Black Beans and Corn

Avocado Salsa

Avocados, black beans, corn, and cilantro…yum! This avocado salsa dip is a go-to recipe in our house. Lindiwe and I eat it by the spoonful. You don’t have to grill the corn, but it makes it extra yummy.

Whole Wheat Soda Bread Recipe

Whole Wheat Soda Bread Recipe

Here’s a simple Whole Wheat Soda Bread recipe. We paired it with slow cooker beef stew for dinner. Yum! And the best part, the kids loved it too. The texture resembles cornbread (it’s crumbly). It tastes delicious served warm with a little butter. This bread tastes best the day you make it. The dough is the […]

S’mores Cups Apps

S'mores Cups Appetizer

Here’s an simple, quick appetizer to bring a little summer flavor to this long winter. These would also taste pretty yummy with peanut butter morsels thrown in. Check out more recipes from my home and follow me on Pinterest for inspiration in the kitchen, healthy living, DIY projects and more.

Chicken Pad Thai Recipe

Pad Thai Recipe

Pad Thai Recipe If you’re looking for a little something yummy for dinner, here’s how to make Chicken Pad Thai right in your kitchen. Quick and simple! Tip: you’ll find better prices on ingredients such as fish sauce at an ethnic store. Have you tried my Laotian egg rolls recipe yet? Yum!

Easy Oatmeal Coconut Brownie Recipe


Here’s a simple twist on brownies from a box. You just need a standard box of brownies, the ingredients per the package instructions (typically eggs, oil, and water), plus a few extra ingredients. These taste delicious and nobody will guess that you whipped it up from a brownie mix. Check out more recipes on Give […]

Lazy Banket Recipe – Simple Variation of Banket

Easy Recipe Lazy Banket

Are you familiar with banket? I come from a Dutch family. I realized how Dutch while living in South Africa and meeting volunteers from the Netherlands. My build, my height (yes, I’m nearly 6’2″), my face shape, and the blue eyes and blonde hair, of course. The Dutch of the USA love their almond paste […]

How to Make Creamed Corn from Frozen Corn


Today I made Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada soup for dinner. After I picked the kids up from school, I decided the Chi-Chi’s corn casserole would taste amazing with it. First problem, I didn’t have a pack of Chi-Chi’s corn casserole mix in the house and I’ve been meaning to find a homemade recipe. 2nd problem…no […]