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CVS is the easiest drug store system to figure out in my opinion.  The Extra bucks don’t expire as quickly as the register rewards at Walgreens.  And there are less programs to keep straight compared to Rite Aid.  I just wish I had one closer to my house.

If you decide to shop at CVS, you’ll want to get an Extra Care card for your purchases there. It’s a FREE card that the cashier scans before your items. It gives you the sale prices, clipless coupons, extra bucks, and sometimes extra coupon savings.

Extra bucks (ECB)

These print at the end of the receipt and can be used on your next transaction just like cash.  The Extra Bucks expire in a month.
Eg. You buy Colgate Total 4 0z. for $2.99. At the end of your receipt, $2 of extra care bucks. You can use these on your next purchase. The Ecb deals are limited to a certain number that you can do them.

The weekly ECB deals are listed throughout the store and in the weekly flier. There is also a booklet that they put out monthly that lists the monthly ECB along with clipless coupons. You’ll be able to stack these coupons with manufacturer coupons to score really great deals.  The trick to CVS shopping is to use your ECB to buy items that will give you more ECB, rolling them from transaction to transaction.  Each ECB deal has a limit and this is tracked on your card.  Many of the deals are limited to just one, but some deals you’ll be able to do more than once.

Magic Coupon Machine

There is also a place in the store where you can scan your card and it prints out coupons. I’ve received a lot of great coupons this way, including a $10 off $30 purchase.  In my store, the scanner is directly in my line of view when I walk in the front door (it’s red)

You’ll find the weekly CVS deals here.


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