Earn Cash with Jingit Ads

What are Jingit Ads?

It’s another way to earn a little extra cash online. What I love about Jingit Ads is that I earn cash for myself and Box Tops for Kaden’s school.

  1. Sign up for Jingit.
  2. Watch videos and give feedback to earn cash.
  3. Any time you see an ad with the Jingit logo online  – click on it. That ad pays you.
  4. Once your account reaches $3, you’ll be able to set up a Jigit Debit Card. The enrollment fee is $3 (one-time fee). After that the money you earn gets added to your card.

This is the perfect way to help your favorite school and earn a little cash. Sign up for Jingit here.

Check out other ways to earn cash online. Remember every little bit helps!

Jingit Ads to Earn Each Day

Earn $0.12 with Krazy Glue Jingit Ad

Earn $0.25 from Elmer’s Glue Jingit Ad
Earn $0.20 with S’more Campaign Jingit Ad (watch and earn with this one every 2 hours.)
Earn $0.25 each for 2 videos from JELL-O Mix Ins and JELL-O 4 Packs Jingit Ad
Earn $0.25 from Jello 4 Packs Jingit Ad
Earn $0.25 from Jello Mix-ins Jingit Ad
Earn $1 for watching a quick ‘Billy on the Street’ video
Earn $0.25 from Snickers Jingit Ad and watch it again and earn another $0.25