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I was in charge of picking out the workout schedule for my Facebook group this week and I had so much fun discovering new free workout options on YouTube and in the blogosphere.

The good news.. you’ll find a ton of other FREE options for HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts online.

Head over to my other blog A Healthier Story to search the FREE online workout database.

Here are a few options of blogs and YouTube channels.

Zuzka Light

This is my favorite YouTube channel for workouts. Zuzka was the heart behind BodyRock in the past and is now on her own. She posts a new workout each Thursday and each week I can’t wait until it’s released. She blogs at ZuzkaLight.com.

And she just launched a DVD series – ZCUT Power Cardio 3 DVD Set for just $15.95 + $2.98 shipping.

Fit in Heels

I’ve done several of Katy’s workouts now and love them. She provides short videos showing each move and gives the breakdown of what to do. I’ve done the Wonder WomenGive Me Chocolate or Give Me Death, and Sweat is Just Fat Crying workouts.

Strong Like Susan

I just discovered this YouTube channel last week. If you want to be inspired, check out Susan’s promo video.

Blonde Ponytail

This is a blog that provides more workout options. I’ve only done the Hunger Games workout (fun!) so far, but can’t wait to try more. Jess also provides videos of the different moves included in her workouts.

Kyla Gagnon – BodyRipped

I love Kyla’s workouts and she shares videos showing up what to do on her blog BodyRipped.net. If you want a challenge, try her 7 Minutes in Heaven workout.

Amanda Russell

This is another option that I found out about last week. Amanda has a YouTube channel and AmandaRussell.com. Again she provides videos showing the moves included in her workouts.

Find more free HIIT online workouts.

This is the schedule that we did last week.

Sunday – rest
Monday – Fit in Heels – Give Me Chocolate or Give Me Death Workout – approx. 25 minutes
TuesdayZWOW #11 – 10 minutes – one of my favorites!
And my extra for the day –  Sunday Slaughter workout – here’s where she shows the moves and here’s the explanation.
Wednesday – rest
ThursdaySmall Waist, Fit Butt Workout – we switched this up and did 55 sec. work and 5 sec. rest = 16 minutes
I threw in an extra workout, because I wanted something longer – Fit in Heels’ Sweat is Just Fat Crying – 40 minutes. Don’t you just love the title of the workout!
FridayFit in Heels’ Wonder Women Workout – 25 minutes
SaturdayZWOW #12 – 10 minutes

Here’s the schedule that I made for the group this week.

Sunday – rest
Monday – Sweet Sparticus Workout – 40 minutes
Tuesday – The Doozy – 12 minutes & optional 6 Minute Abs
Wednesday – rest
Thursday –  25 Minute HIIT Tabata – 25 minutes
Friday – Busy Person Intense Burn Workout – 15 minutes AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
Saturday – ZWOW 13 – Tabata 16 minutes

I hope this helps you find ways to workout without an expensive gym membership and without a lot of equipment. Do you have any free options for working out in your home? I’d love for you to leave a comment below.

And remember I’m not a doctor. I’m just sharing my experience. Check with your health care provider before starting any exercise and eating plan.


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    What a great list! Thanks so much for posting. I am so happy I found your site! I Googled “best free hiit online workouts” and your blog was right at the top! My goal is to lose 15 pounds. I love working out. I don’t love working out for more than 45 minutes. Yesterday, I did my first Tabata workout and got a kick out of it! Your post will help me meet my fitness goals using free online resources. Awesome! Thanks again and wishing you continued success on your fitness journey!! :-)

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    Wow – this is awesome thanks so much for posting! I found you by searching for free HIIT training online. I too am a Zuzka fan – just got her DVD set too. But I was looking for some more variety. I will be checking out these other sites this week! THANKS!

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