Fresh Milled Whole Wheat Flour

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There is nothing better than fresh ground wheat flour.  I use to go to Great Harvest Bread Company and rave about the bread and wonder why does their wheat bread taste so much better.  It has everything to do with the wheat flour that they use.

Two years ago we had NO extra money, so when I research grain mills and saw the prices… oh my.  That summer we had a garage sale and I earned enough money through that to buy my L’Equip NutriMill Grain Mill (worth every penny).

We found Country Life Natural Foods to be a wonderful source of bulk wheat berries in our area.  We can buy 50lbs of Wheat Montana wheat berries (my husband’s home state) for under $25.  They aren’t organic, but chemical free.  They taste wonderful.

One of our favorite wheat recipes is Honey Wheat rolls.  A couple nights ago I made Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip pancakes. Yummy.  Next time I make them, I’m planning to try using less butter and see what happens.

My hope over the next few months is to share with you more about milling grain and my experiments in incorporating more whole wheat flour into the recipes I use all the time.  So I’ll be posting complete flops and successes.  So stay tuned…

The Honey Wheat rolls are a success!

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