Frugal to the Fringes: A Road to Adoption

Frugal to the Fringes: A Road to Adoption (you’ll find updates as we move through this journey)

Give Me Neither came about last May while pondering this question:

How do we make less money stretch further so we are able to pay our bills and continue to give to others?

I’ve learned so much and I LOVE doing this!  I love helping you save money because it has a ripple effect.  For me it’s not about accumulating more, but freeing us up from the burden of money.  Freedom leads to thankfulness and thankfulness to generosity.

You may be wondering about the children in the picture.  It’s a picture of Kaden and his friends in South Africa.  Every time I take a look at that picture it reminds me what it means to live richly.  I’m not talking about monetary wealth, but rather the relationships and experiences that bring depth and beauty to life.  The children of South Africa have deeply impacted the person that I am today.  I need to be reminded of the lessons I’ve learned daily.  My adventure of frugal living is not so I’ll be able to accumulate more (that’s where ‘live simply’ comes in).  Rather that I’ll be able to give more, an outpouring of my thankfulness to God.  The thing with giving is that it changes me as much if not more than the person receiving it.

Matt and I lived in South Africa from January 2004 to January 2005 and we fell in love with the country and the people of South Africa.  We worked at a childrens’ home Tshepo Ya Bana “Hope For Children”.  When we returned from South Africa, we explored the possibility of adopting a little boy that we loved dearly.  We were unable because the US and South Africa didn’t have an adoption relationship.

It overwhelms me to think of the way that God’s beautiful plan has unfolded.  We’ve been blessed with two little boys since that time.  We’ve continued to hope and pray that one day it would be a possibility.

And it is!

So saving is taking on a whole new dimension in our lives.  We’re just beginning this road to adoption and have no idea where it will lead.  But we’re trusting and moving forward in faith…

So right now we’re filling out a ton of paperwork and running around town to doctors’ appointments and dropping of paperwork.

Meanwhile I’m more determined than even to make our money stretch as much as we can…

To the Fringes

What do I mean by fringes?

It’s two fold…

  • God calls us to step out to those that have been pushed aside in our society, pushed to the fringes of society, the marginalized, the oppressed, the fatherless, the widow.  If we don’t care for them, who will?  Every little bit helps.
  • Frugality in all dimensions of my life, to the outer fringes.  I have so much abundance.  How can I cut back so that I’m able to give more?

My ultimate dream… that Give Me Neither support us living in South Africa…

What I’ve learned is that dreaming is beautiful and you just never know…