Glimpses of Grace…

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This past week didn’t start out at all like I expected. On Monday morning, we received a phone call about our adoption and our hopes for bringing home this little girl fell apart. It was a difficult week…a week filled with grief and unknown.

It’s also been a week washed over with glimpses of grace…

Here are a few that come to mind.

Family – My brother and his family were in town. Shortly after I got the phone call, I headed out to my parents’ house and spent the day with my entire family.

Lunch with sister – My mom and dad watched the kids so my sister and I could go to lunch, just the two of us. What a gift!

Not Alone – Later in the week, Jack and I headed to Pizza Hut for lunch. Emily, one of the waitresses and reader of Give Me Neither, expressed heart-felt words of comfort and took care of my lunch bill. It brought me to tears as I walked to my car. Thank you!

Listening Ears – An evening out with 2 friends who listened and joined me in my sorrow.

Prayer – My blogger friend Andrea wrote “I prayed as I walked this am. I fervently believe God has a plan in this. I know you have a daughter waiting for you. I just wish you didn’t have the pain of waiting.”

Random Act of Kindness – The lady ahead of me at Walmart let me go in front of her in the checkout line. And she had no idea what was going on in my life.

Celebrating My Best Friend – Matt and I celebrated our 11th year anniversary. Mom and Dad (Matt’s) watched the boys for the night.

Jack – Our little guy Jack turned 4! And we celebrated with red velvet cupcakes from Costco (beloved Blue kept them safe until we were able to enjoy them)

Kaden – Expressing how much he missed me while he was gone for less than 24 hours – love him!

Trust- A sense of peace, deep in my bones – Jesus is trust-worthy.

My prayer for you is that you see the glimpses of grace all around you…


  1. Renae says

    Sarah, I just weep at reading your post, but I know God’s timing is perfect. And I know that even when our eyes aren’t “on Him” he still takes care of us. This summer I was faced with my dear pup having bladder stones and needing emergency surgery, 2 weeks later, my daughter had to have a cyst removed from between her shoulder blades, and in between that our power was out for 9.5 days where we lived in three different counties and cities, roaming from place to place that would accept two adults, a 6 year old twirling princess, a dog that just had surgery and our other dog. After all the surgeries were over, stitches removed (and my daughter pulled her tooth out while she was getting her stitches out), I take a breath and school starts in 8 days. Thankfully I had school supplies all ready but my whole summer slipped away. My mother (who is anti-couponing) gave me a Kohl’s coupon and gift card and I was able to get gym shoes for my daughter for $19.99 (and that included a 6 pack of socks) and my daughter’s friend’s mom cut her hair for us to go back to school. We went to look at her school class assignment and we got 2 kids in her class that we wanted (and I didn’t even have time to call the secretary and pull strings) and that got her out of the “mean girl” class and I’m so thankful. God totally has taken care of us this summer even when I felt like I couldn’t keep it together or that we weren’t going to have money for 2 surgeries. His Grace totally covers us when least expect it. I am sure he has many more blessings for you and your lovely family and I know a daughter is on the way – I don’t know when. But she will come at the right time and you will receive His perfect blessing with her.

    • Sarah Weeda says

      Renae, it sounds like you’ve had a rough summer. Thanks so much for sharing the ways that you’ve seen God’s grace shine through.

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