Save Simply: How I Got Started

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One important part of being successful at couponing is finding:

  • What works for your family’s needs
  • With the time you have to devote to it.

Remember that couponing doesn’t need to be all or nothing.

It doesn’t mean that your family has to eat all junk food.

It doesn’t need to be extreme.

Rather make it a way of life to help yourself be successful in the long run.

To begin the Save Simply course, I’ll share a little of my experience with couponing.

I started couponing as a way of life over two years ago and started Give Me Neither in May, 2009.

I remember when I first discovered that I could stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon and that I could actually get products that my family needed for FREE!  Sheer excitement!

I went a little crazy at first and I’m still using shampoo and toothpaste that I “bought” years later.

I invested A LOT of time when I first began.  I used the baseball card/binder coupon method and clipped ALL of my inserts each week.  I made multiple trips to the drug stores and grocery stores.  I found it hard to pass up a good deal.

A few things that I learned…

  • If I miss a deal, it isn’t the end of the world.  More deals will come around.
  • Two Sunday papers usually provide enough coupons to grow a moderate stockpile. I use more and more printable coupons.
  • There’s this tendency within me to keep more than I could possibly use.  It’s one reason I need to keep the verse that inspired Give Me Neither in my mind constantly.  (perhaps a tendency that goes back to the days of manna)
  • Couponing frees up money to allow me to spend money on organic foods, locally raised beef, and spend a greater portion of our budget on produce in the summer to can & freeze for the winter.
  • The clipped coupon binder method didn’t work for me.  Choose a method of organizing for coupons that works for you.

Check out the rest of the Save Simply series.


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