Save Simply: Use Coupons on Intended Products (eg. Ball RealFruit Coupon)

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This past Sunday in the Smartsource insert, we received a Ball RealFruit Pectin coupon.

Here’s what my coupon said…

$1/1 Ball RealFruit Pectin or Food Mix (Flex Batch)

I’ve noticed around the blogs that this coupon is being matched with the “small batch” packets….

The coupon states “flex batch” and that product looks like this and sells for around $4.99. **Note the wording may vary from region to region.

Here are a couple of guidelines:

  • Always double check that you’re using a coupon on the correct item, especially if it’s unfamiliar product. (for the non-canners among us, I can see how the flex batch lingo could get overlooked.)
  • The wording is what you want to go by…you can ignore the pictures.
  • Even if it scans at checkout, don’t use the coupon on the wrong product.
Why does it matter?
  • We want the manufacturers to continue to put out coupons to save us money.
  • We want the stores to be reimbursed for the coupon so the hoops we already jump through to use coupons don’t get bigger and more plentiful.

So even though we love FREE…let’s do the right thing. And it’s a good idea to avoid breaking the law too :)

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  1. Emily S says

    Thank you for this post–it’s always a good reminder to be honest. I’ve had too many friends who are new to couponing talk about great “deals” that are actually dishonest. I’ve always said it’s not worth my integrity to save a couple bucks.

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