Couponing 101 – Simple Tips to Start Saving Now

Couponing 101

One of the most important aspect of being successful with couponing is finding what works for your family. Here are tips and tricks to help you discover what that strategy is. Coupons As Cash! View coupons as cash. The best practice is to pair a coupon with a store sale. This is how those little pieces of paper will save you […]

Save Simply: Use Coupons on Intended Products (eg. Ball RealFruit Coupon)

Ball RealFruit Pectin Flex Batch

This past Sunday in the Smartsource insert, we received a Ball RealFruit Pectin coupon. Here’s what my coupon said… $1/1 Ball RealFruit Pectin or Food Mix (Flex Batch) I’ve noticed around the blogs that this coupon is being matched with the “small batch” packets…. The coupon states “flex batch” and that product looks like this […]

Save Simply: Check the Doctors Office for Coupons


I was reminded at the doctor’s office today that it’s another place to look for coupons. My kids’ pediatrician has a basket when we check out filled with free samples and coupons. I just wish I had grabbed one for each kid because there were great high-value coupons inside. $1/1 Crest toothpaste (4.6 oz.+) $1/1 […]

Save Simply with Coupons | Pace Yourself

This is a perfect week to talk about pacing yourself when you begin using coupons. It’s been a crazy week with a ton of coupons from Sunday’s coupon inserts and the awesome printable coupons released in the last couple of days.  Too many deals to keep up with…let alone fit into the budget. I’m went […]

Save Simply: The Sunday Paper

Here are a few tips if you decide to buy the Sunday paper as a source of coupons. Check What’s Inside If you stop at a store to pick up the Sunday paper, take a quick glance inside to make sure that the inserts are still inside.  Unfortunately people sometimes take the coupons out, leaving […]

Save Simply: Save Paper Printing Coupons

Printing coupons can be a waste of paper. I have saved a stack of paper that has about a 1/3 of the paper cut off from printing a coupon.   I use them for shopping lists and for printing more coupons. Here are a couple tips for when you print coupons. Tips for saving paper You […]

Save Simply: Coupon Lingo and Abbreviations

If you’re new to the couponing world, the abbreviations alone may overwhelm you.  Here’s a little guide to get you started. Blinkies Manufacturer coupons dispensed from a red blinking box in select stores.  Grab a couple, but save them for a sale. BOGO or B1G1 Buy one item get one item free CAT or Catalina […]

Save Simply: The Basics about Coupons


Before I learned how to coupon, I didn’t see much value in a coupon.  I thought I might save 50 cents off my entire shopping order.  We’d look at our much-to-large grocery budget and realize that we need to whittle it down to a much smaller amount.  I truly thought it was an impossible goal. […]

Save Simply: How I Got Started

One important part of being successful at couponing is finding: What works for your family’s needs With the time you have to devote to it. Remember that couponing doesn’t need to be all or nothing. It doesn’t mean that your family has to eat all junk food. It doesn’t need to be extreme. Rather make […]