Target Mobile Text Coupons

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I realized that I never explained the mobile text coupons that Target is now offering.  So better late than never.

You can now sign up to receive Target store coupons that you’ll receive by text twice a month (Saturday).  When you use your coupons at checkout, you’ll just let the cashier scan the bar code.  There’s only one bar code for each coupon.  Each individual offer within the coupon may only be used once.

Standard message and data rates apply.

Go HERE to sign up.


  1. Young, Frugal, and Fabulous says

    I’m kind of disappointed I have now signed up twice and still haven’t received any mobile coupons :(

  2. marnie says

    How do you get the mobile coupons to work? When it comes to my phone it says to visit for the coupons, so I did that, but couldn’t find on there what I was supposed to do next.

  3. Teresa says

    Had no idea! Thank you for once again alerting me to yet another way to save! You rock! Got the iphone app too, going to make my shopping so much easier! Thanks for all you do to help us save money!

    • Sarah Weeda says

      You’re welcome, Teresa. I’ll have to check out the iphone app.

      I just said to my husband today, “I really do love blogging”. He had no doubt in his mind :)


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