The Bucket Project

the bucket project: everything a dollar or less

A few weeks after beginning this blog, our church had White Bucket Sunday. The teaching that morning was about the early church and how the people shared everything in common. At the end of the teaching that morning, white buckets were placed around the stage. We were then asked to evaluate our lives right now. Did we have more money than we needed and could share with others? Or did we need money to help cover the bills that were piling up? Either way, we were instructed to come to the buckets; to put money in if we could or to take money out if that is what we needed. I have never experienced something quite like this before.

…this has become my white bucket project.

Well, I’ve been thinking of ways to take it a step further… and was inspired once again.  When we arrived at church this week, there were five gallon buckets lining the walls.  Each family was encouraged to take a bucket or two home, choose a theme for the bucket (Food, Personal, or Baby), and fill the pail with a specific list of items.  Then over the next couple weeks we’ll bring the pails back to church and Rays of Hope for Haiti will ship them to Haiti.  I love that even the bucket itself is useful.  Families will use them to carry water, wash clothes, or as a chair.  Brilliant!

So my brain started chugging and I’m introducing a new weekly post “The Bucket List”.  I plan to compile a list of the best deals that you’ll find on donation items each week.  Fill a bucket or a box up and bring it to a local charity.  Maybe filling even one bucket or box seems like too much of a stretch for your budget, but I believe that if we shop wisely we’ll be able to fill a bucket (or two or three) at bargain prices.

I’d love to be able to share stories of how just a little of our resources can make a big impact.

You’ll find the weekly deals here.