Whole1.3 – My Whole30 Crash and Burn

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Whole30 Crash and Burn

Remember two weeks ago when I shared that I was starting a Whole30. Well, it turned into a Whole1.3. I made it through the first day and breakfast of day 2 and decided to pull the plug.

Ok, you can laugh at me.

The first day seemed like an eternity. Seriously.

Here’s a little insight into my crash and burn…

  • I really don’t like meat. I eat it…don’t really like it. That alone was going to be a challenge. 30 days with lots and lots of meat.
  • It’s February during the winter of the Polar Vortex…really?!?
  • I started on a Wednesday and Matt (my husband) needed to leave on a business trip on Sunday through Wednesday night. In addition, my boys had that week off from school. 3 kids + hubby gone + February = not good.
  • Did I mention it’s February in Michigan? On a good winter, I want to hibernate and eat carbs…lots of carbs.
  • My anxiety was thru the roof.
  • Finally, I was a little concerned about the “Kill All Things” Day 4-5 (note – this is the time hubby needed to leave town). I found even on the first day that I didn’t want to be around my family because I felt super, super irritable. Sleeping the entire month wasn’t an option and the not-wanting-to-be-around-people would make trying to get pregnant a little tricky. :)

Ok, so here’s the deal. Sometimes I get a little excited and jump in with both feet without thinking through the scenario. Sometimes this is a good thing…this time…not so much! The timing of this wasn’t right and my mental health was more important than my fear of embarrassment.

Sometimes you have to love yourself enough to know when to stop. I find that often the hardest person to show grace toward is yourself.

Maybe it’s not a Whole1.3 for you, but there are other areas in your life that need more grace and love. The dark places where negative tapes need to be brought into light with words such as brave, strong, beautiful, enough….

…loved, not loser.

What area of your life do you need to offer yourself more grace?


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